Zemial - Armageddon


Текст песни Zemial - Armageddon


I swear the oath of blood
and tear the virgin's flesh
I gash the wounds of heaven
and rides the wings of death

Tonight the cauldrons are filled
with brewage madeEof hate
Tonight we blasphemy
possessed we desecrate

Tonight we raise our cups
and toast in an angels blood
Salute hell's victory
despise the words of God


Eternal battlefields
no prisoners we take
We rape your sacred souls
behind the seven gates

Tonight you all will hear
the angels cry of pain
and in the sky you will see

the all eternal flame

On earth you mortal fools
obey the Christian ways
but there is no mighty God
to hear your final prayers


Forks of lightning strikes in the sky
the sound of thunder rolls
Satan, chimes the bell of death
and beckon all your souls

Heaven's angels realizes
there is no place they can hide
Tonight the furnace gates of hell
stands open wide

Black witch of beauty
hovers around and cast her spells
Tonight a virgin's womb
shall breed a son of hell

my satanic majesty | Текст

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